Outside the Box

Pointed Leaf Press

The first monograph on New York-based interior designer David Scott, Outside the Box: An Interior Designer’s Innovative Approach to Creating Chic and Comfortable Rooms is a delightful behind-the-scenes look into eleven of his most stunning projects. Scott’s interiors seamlessly combine his adoration for the elegance of antiques with his admiration for the functionality of modernity, creating environments that are at once visually stimulating and inherently calming. Each space is custom designed to emphasize and reflect the personal style and character of his clients. Outside the Box takes a look at the elements of inspiration that have been the guiding force for Scott’s innovative and striking spaces, where comfort and chic harmoniously coexist.

“Each of the 11 sumptuous interiors opens with an original concept box that Scott has filled with lovely vignettes capturing the essence of every lively project…every space beautifully speaks to the design process and talents of an industry veteran.” —Traditional Home

Hardcover with jacket

224 Pages / 11” X 12”

ISBN: 978-0-983388-95-1