Tulu is fig trees, tin cans, tigers, turquoise tiles, tulips. Harold melvin, grandmother’s curtains, mahfouz, enameled copper, bazaars full of junk, vintage Pucci, Campari and lime, a suburban girl at home in Istanbul. Elizabeth Hewitt, Tulu’s designer and owner, began her work as an antique textile dealer and collector. A constant traveller–to India, Central Asia, Indonesia, Burma, Morocco, Spain—Elizabeth is constantly collecting fabrics, objects, sights, sounds, colors, stories and incorporating them into her work, painting, sketching, cutting, and photographing along the way. She loves crusty old antiques, and especially loves crusty old textiles that look like they were designed in 1950 but were actually made in some weird place 200 years ago. She’s the epitome of our mantra: #dearieapproved. Tulu is like a well-kept secret, or a well-told story, that gets richer with the retelling.


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