The Dough Parlour

As an early years educator, driven to inspire through sensory play, Natalie spent more than 10 years refining and defying her dough recipe to create an epic experience. Her enthusiastic students, and four precious children of her own, became her sounding board, often bouncing new dough their way, and receiving back the epitome of honest feedback. Natalie discovered that through the use of distinct, nostalgic scents, she had transformed her classroom into an aromatic enclave. She experimented with various scents, potencies, and vibrancy of colors, along with the unmissed element of texture. Combined together, the ultimate sensory play experience had been born. And in that experience, her students found a place of calm. Being a mom herself, Natalie always considered the well-being of her students, and only used 100% non-toxic ingredients. She infused her dough with cheerful scents (100% food-based!) to stimulate their senses, emotion and memory. Natalie introduced surprising scents and colors to the children every season to coincide with learning themes, and purposely created her dough in soft hues, neutrals and pleasant pastels to promote a warm, and calming environment. We're continuing Natalie's tradition by offering new scents and colors every season, in hopes that our little customers find surprise and joy when opening our boxes!


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