Rule of Three

From its downtown LA studio, Rule of Three practices ancient techniques of floating highly pigmented paints on a liquid surface to create intricate and abstract hand-marbled designs on fine silks, linens, cottons and leather. These techniques have been practiced in many cultures for thousands of years, but this studio reimagines these traditions for the modern world, translating the beauty of nature and the sincerity of the human hand into exquisite surfaces. Whether in fine art, writing or design, the time-honored Rule of Three is a vital force in bringing interest, balanced tension and energy to the work. It has been said that through the creative process that “once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and the third time is on purpose.” It is by embracing this artistic exploration that Rule of Three thrives. Founder and Creative Director Paige Cleveland applies this philosophy to her collection of hand-marbled fabrics and wallpapers, balancing the nuances of organic movement, color and technique—three parts that make the whole.



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