Pointed Leaf Press

Pointed Leaf Press was founded in 2002 by Suzanne Slesin. As a publisher of high quality, photography-driven monographs on personalities (some well-known, some undiscovered) from the worlds of design, architecture, and fashion, we have made it our goal to create books that stand out, both for their unique content and matchless design quality.

A book from Pointed Leaf Press is a book like none other. They are visual biographies that envelop and expound – open any of our titles and become immersed in a world re-created on page in extraordinary depth and detail. Intensely researched and illuminated by new photography, each monograph instantly establishes itself as the subject’s authoritative source-book. Informative and always visually engaging, Pointed Leaf Press books are direct links to the ideas, processes, and stories of the designers you love. Each book is a wonderful gift and a great addition to a personal library.


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