Marika Meyer Textiles

Fabrics are always Marika Meyer’s starting place when she begins a new interior design project because she draws inspiration from color and pattern. For her, fabric sets the tone and style for a room. In creating this new line of fabrics, she combined her two great passions–design and fine art. Ever since her early childhood, she has found peace in the studio, whether painting, drawing, sculpting or designing. And fabrics are another example of a canvas for her to create on. She wanted to bring that same attention to scale, texture and color to her line of fabrics. Fabrics set the stage for a room, she says, and, for that reason, she believes fabrics need to adapt to the needs of that individual and their home. Therefore, all of her fabrics are customizable with PMS colors and ground textures, letting designers put their creative mark on the project. When a fabric perfectly fits into that puzzle, the design of a room evokes the kind of emotion that all designers hope for in their work.



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