Lia Burke Libaire

Lia Burke Libaire is a Charleston based artist and designer. Her colorful aesthetic and signature style were formed by her background in interior design, an appreciation of nature, and the human form. 

She began her career in New York City, translating her love of art and architecture into the world of interior design where she worked for 12 years. After relocating to Charleston, Libaire pursued her artistic craft full time and established her permanent studio. Since then she has worked on a broad range of art and design commissions, large-scale public installations and bespoke stationery designs. Botanicals, the sea, astrological constellations and her signature ‘evil eye’ are common themes in her vibrant and often irreverent work.

Libaire’s work has been featured in Vogue, Australian Vogue, and Apartment Therapy among others. Her large scale portraits are displayed in national theater chain Showcase Cinemas.


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