With a passion for natural spaces and heritage craftsmanship, founder Mili Suleman dreamt up a line of textured handwoven textiles that have garnered a loyal following amongst designers. Born in Mumbai, India, and raised in Oman, Suleman is guided by the principles of shibui and wabi-sabi, and draws inspiration from rustic landscapes. The result of this approach is textiles where slubs, bars and slight irregularities produce a handmade quality that no mass-producing machine can replicate. The Kufri mission is to help preserve handloom weaving, to provide employment to women and aging weavers, and promote a conscious, beautiful life at home through their products. "To me, a home ought to bring deep comforts, and that begins with natural textures that feel beautiful," Suleman says. "Using my textiles for upholstery, pillows, bedding and kitchen will allow you to indulge in and enjoy the simpler pleasures of a wabi-sabi life."



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