Hazel Village

Deep in a leafy grove live the clever animals of Hazel Village, happy and free. They keep their perky ears attuned to the sounds of their forest home, and spend their time making thoughtful presents for their neighbors.

Nestled in Brooklyn, the Hazel Village toy store and headquarters is almost as magical. They, the clever humans of Hazel Village, spend their time bringing you organic, ethically-made toys and clothing.

Jane started Hazel Village in 2010 (ten years ago!), making the toys she would have wanted as a child. She wasn't sure if anyone would want to buy them, but they did and Jane was busier than she could imagine.  Now they have a team of 10 people, they have their own store in Brooklyn, and they have sent so many animals far and wide!

It’s important to Jane that she run the business in a way she would want her daughter to see. She is really proud that they partner with social enterprises around the world to make their products. These organizations have missions to empower artisans with job skills, dignified work, and fair wages. It definitely costs a bit more to make toys this way, but they believe it’s worth it. They find that when workers care about their craft, it shows in their beautiful work.


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