Anselm’s Kitengela Hot Glass

Anselm grew up on the houseboat Platypus in Oxford where his bedmates were Marmaduke the chicken & Boa the constrictor. Thence to the Serengeti for a couple of years where his dad, Harvey, was starting his career in elephant research at the Serengeti Research Institute. In 1979 the family moved to the Kitengela (Athi/Kapiti) plains on the edge of the Nairobi National Park. Anselm's mother, Nani, was working with stained glass & encouraged Anselm to find out about molten glass. He went to Holland after his education to understand glass making with Willem & Bernard Heesen in the early 90's.
During this apprenticeship he fell in love with the frustrating, challenging & deeply satisfying process of glass blowing, and, all fired up, came back to Kenya to set up the craft, and East Africa's first glassblowing company - Kitengela Hot Glass. It took about four years, but by the time it was finished, one studio had evolved into a number of them - glass blowing, lighting, metal, dalle de verre, beads and funky fencing. The local masons who’d been building needed jobs when the studio was done, so they were engaged as the first apprentices. That’s how Kitengela Hot Glass got started - everybody dived in and learned together.

Kitengela Hot Glass recycles and transforms scrap material into objects & designs that have a future, address a need and fulfil a function or desire. Having a good working relationship with the environment is critical to the Kitengela Hot Glass ethos. They regard nature as a treasure, and are of the opinion that the inspirational & nurturing environment contributes to the product wellbeing.
Despite being a small company, Anselm's studios assist as much as possible with the local and wider communities - admittedly in a slightly ad hoc fashion, and the causes are things we believe in - spreading the love a little.

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