Abbot and Atlas

Ashton Abbot’s path to textile design was a bit out of the ordinary. She studied fine arts and political science and then embarked on a career in geopolitical risk and strategy consulting, which often meant she’d travel abroad. (Ashton is super legit: She holds an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business and serves as a John C. Whitehead Fellow with the Foreign Policy Association.) In 2017, she found herself living in Athens, Greece, inspired by the historical textile collections of the region and, later, Europe as a whole. Just like Ashton herself, Abbot & Atlas fabrics mean serious business. With the help of curators, historians and designers, the brand draws from history, folklore and global culture to produce original, storied, print-to-order fabric, all printed in the US using fine water-based inks on 100% linen.



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