GOD SAVE Sex Pistols by Johan Kugelberg, Jon Savage, Glenn Terry

Published to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the band’s formation, the book draws on handwritten letters, never-before-seen photographs of the band, iconic album artwork, and a range of ephemera from concert tickets to fanzines.


Houses by the Shore by Oscar Riera Ojeda & Byron Hawes

With its beautiful modernist homes set beside the golden sands of the gulf coast of Mexico or upon the romantic islands of Greece, from Finland to South Africa to New Zealand, Houses by the Shore is a paean to rooms with a view.


C'Est Bon by Trish Deseine

Written by best-selling food writer Trish Deseine | Photographed by Deirdre Rooney | Published by Flammarion, which is distributed by Rizzoli


Tropical Fish by David Hawcock

Published by Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

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