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Stuff by Carey Maloney


The Nature of the Beast by Kathy Ruttenberg

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Kathy Ruttenberg has built a career spanning three decades. Her work has garnered her both critical acclaim and awards, and has been shown worldwide.


Paris, Before It's Too Late by Thomas Michael Gunther

Dimensions: 9.2 x 0.9 x 11.7 in | Weight: 2.6 lbs | Hardcover | 144 Pages / 8.875” X 11.325” | ISBN: 978-1-938461-39-2 | English & French Language


Spoon by Daniel Rozensztroch

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Daniel Rozensztroch has been a longtime consultant to the magazine Marie-Claire Maison and is now the creative director of the Merci shop in Paris, France.

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